Bathroom Remodeling
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If your bathroom needs updating, consider remodeling to incorporate the latest trends. The experts at Incredible Kitchens and Baths are the premier home and commercial remodeling contractors for Central Indiana residents and businesses. Let us transform your bathroom with the latest bathroom trends.

Balance the hustle and bustle of life with quiet and tranquil surroundings. At home, this means giving your bathroom the spa treatment. Lauren Smith of House Beautiful Magazine (2017) gives specific tips on transforming your shower, flooring, and décor to recreate the spa feeling at home. Check out the latest trends in bathroom remodeling:

Shower Trends

  • Wide-open spaces are ideal! Tile every surface for a shower without walls. Incredible Kitchens and Baths can complete a top-to-bottom bathroom renovation to recreate this open concept shower.  By removing borders, your shower experience can be freeing and relaxing.  
  • If shower doors are desired, replace the shower curtain with rustic doors. French-style doors on your shower are a statement piece that adds elegance and luxury.  

Tile Trends

  • Add a punch to an all-white bathroom with black and white retro floor tile.  This maintains a neutral base with some character. Smith (2017) confirms that all-white bathrooms are losing their appeal.  Remodeling with Incredible Kitchens and Baths can include replacing flooring and installing custom tile work.  

Decor Trends 

  • Mix and match shapes by using a round vanity mirror with a rectangular sink. The visual contrast between shapes brings dimension to the bathroom. 
  • Add a pop of green to the bathroom by decorating with plants. This inexpensive greenery adds freshness and serenity.
  • Rustic bathroom vanities are warm and natural. Mixing shapes, textures, and earth-tone colors create sensory variety for a peaceful and luxurious bathroom.  Our team of experts at Incredible Kitchens can install new vanities and cabinets to add this rustic charm to your bathroom.

These trends capitalize on natural and tranquil accents bringing the spa to your home. Remodeling will maximize the space, function, and comfort of your bathroom. For your home or business remodeling project, call the experts at Incredible Kitchens and Baths at (765) 437-1038. Contact us, or complete our online form for a free, in-home consultation in Kokomo or the Central Indiana area.


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