The kitchen is one of the most popular and expensive rooms to renovate. Because of this, prospective home buyers often look at the kitchen first and, correspondingly, the right kitchen upgrades typically go the farthest to increase your home’s value. At Incredible Kitchens and Baths, we believe in not just making upgrades, but in making the right kitchen upgrades. Today we’re discussing our favorite elements to include in your kitchen remodel that will make the space not only more beautiful, but also more functional.

Functional Items to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

1. Drawers Instead of Lower Cabinets

This is one of our favorite new trends we’re seeing in kitchen remodels. Homeowners are choosing to forgo lower kitchen cabinets and installing drawers instead, dramatically increasing efficiency and convenience of storage. A typical lower cabinet is two feet deep, which means that it’s easy for stuff to get pushed to the back and forgotten. Also, due to the placement of lower cabinets, you either have to bend all the way over or get on your knees to dig out what you’re looking for. Drawers solve this problem by sliding all the way out for easy access.

2. Inset Upper Cabinets

Another new trend we appreciate is inset upper cabinets instead of traditional style cabinets. When you have inset doors, the doors are designed to sit flush against the face frame to provide a streamlined look. The smooth front produces a clean look and the corners of the doors won’t be easily nicked as they’re protected inside the cabinet when they are closed. Additionally, because inset doors require more skill to install, these cabinets are usually of better quality and therefore will last longer.

3. Microwave Drawer in Island

Finally, homeowners are moving away from mounted microwaves over stove tops and instead installing microwave drawers. A microwave drawer is a wonderful space saver as it fits beautifully into a lower cabinet or kitchen island. Also, a microwave drawer is easier to use for those who may have trouble lifting heavy dishes into an over-the-range microwave. And don’t worry about the safety of putting the microwave at the eye level of your children as this problem is easily solved with a control lock set by the parents.

Now that you’ve got some great functional ideas to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, it’s time to start designing the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Incredible Kitchens and Baths in Kokomo, IN, today at (765) 437-1038 for more information or to request a consultation online.