A growing restaurant is definitely a reason to celebrate, but it also can be a reason to reevaluate your current kitchen design. Running out of storage space in your kitchen? No more room to squeeze in that extra cook that your staff desperately needs? If you find you and your restaurant team consistently experiencing these problems, it’s probably time to upgrade your commercial kitchen. Incredible Kitchens and Baths has years of experience overhauling and renovating commercial kitchens struggling with these exact issues.

Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen Space

1. No Extra Room for Staff

As your restaurant grows and becomes more popular, you may need to add kitchen staff in order to keep up with the demands of your customers. If you find yourself hesitating to hire additional staff because your kitchen has no more space, you may be hurting your business in the long run.

2. Desperate Need of an Upgrade

You may have purchased your restaurant from an owner who could not afford to make necessary structural improvements. Maybe they were skimming by and working off systems that could not quite handle the requirements of a busy, well-liked establishment. If you are constantly calling the repairman for the same plumbing or electrical issues, you may be spending needlessly on repairs when an essential upgrade makes more sense fiscally.

3. Current Design Ineffective

It’s possible that when you first started out in the restaurant business, the layout and design of your kitchen was exactly what was needed. It worked perfectly for your staff and met the needs of your hungry customers. However, as your business has boomed, you realize that the current kitchen layout is actually working against your restaurant. A much-needed commercial kitchen renovation will help improve productivity – rather than squash it by ignoring the need.

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