Renovating an outdated church facility, if done mindfully, can often have a positive effect on the ministries of the church. Whether you need more space for outreach, better children’s areas, or your space is just outdated, your congregation will appreciate a more modern atmosphere and experience. If you’re planning to remodel your church building, consider these three updates from the commercial remodeling services of Incredible Kitchens and Baths.

Updating Your Church Facility

1. Find Ways to Encourage Connection

Outdated churches tend to only have a sanctuary and lobby, without much “hang out” space. In contrast, modern churches are finding ways to encourage connection and fellowship within their congregation by creating areas for a coffee bar, stools, couches, tables, and chairs. By making these areas easy to access and inviting, first-time guests will get a good impression of your facility and returning guests will want to spend more time at church.

2. Invest in Children’s Areas

Children’s areas should never be an afterthought when remodeling a church facility. Adult members are much more likely to return if they are comfortable with the childcare options and their children enjoy the services. Take steps to make kids feel welcome and excited to be at church, while also helping parents feel confident in their safety and security. Be sure that your facilities include security systems and procedures, a convenient drop-off/pick-up location, and clean rooms with safe, age-appropriate equipment.

3. Give Guests a Great Bathroom Experience

Finally, make sure your church’s bathrooms are exceptional. Show churchgoers that you respect and consider them by creating a comfortable, clean space for them to freshen up. Outfit your bathrooms with high quality materials that will hold up for years to come rather than low-cost materials that might save money but will need replacing. Consider individual mirrors; easy-to-use, hands-free sinks and dryers; and an attractive, solid set of partitions. And be sure to keep it clean!

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