Whether you are planning a full bathroom remodel or a simple kitchen update, home renovations come with a certain amount of risk. Accidents can happen to even the most prepared homeowner, and it’s important to prepare and be as cautious as possible. Hopefully, your remodel can be completed without too much disruption; however, there are three safety practices our team at Incredible Kitchens and Baths recommend implementing during a remodel.

How to Stay Safe During a Remodel

1. Secure Children and Pets

Your kids and your pets are probably the most at risk of an accident during a remodel. An unsecured pet could easily walk out an open door and get lost in the neighborhood, and a curious child could wander into the construction site and get hurt. To avoid this, we recommend making a plan before the project begins and communicating it with the whole family. Make sure your kids have a clear idea of what areas of your home are off-limits and consider setting up a physical or sign barrier at the entrances impacted by the construction. For your pets, you may want to consider boarding them or having a family member keep them safe while the project is ongoing. If that isn’t an option, we recommend shutting them in a designated room during the day to keep them safe.

2. Hire a Contractor You Can Trust

To be sure you aren’t putting your home and family at risk during this project, it is of the utmost importance that you can trust your contractor. While an official background check is most likely not necessary, you should make sure to ask friends and family members for a referral. We also recommend reading online reviews, checking credentials, and asking about his or her education and experience. The last thing you’d want is to let someone untrustworthy have free reign of your home.

3. Set Clear Boundaries

Finally, your contractor should be able to give you additional ideas of how to feel safe during a remodel, and this includes setting boundaries with him or her. The more detailed you make these boundaries, the better. Make sure to include things like what hours the crew will be working and when they need to leave each night, who will have access to keys to your home, and when subcontractors will be working as well. Keep the lines of communication open and deal with any gray areas as they come up.

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