In the past, galley kitchens have held a pretty bad reputation. And even today, homeowners often prefer an open concept over the older, galley style kitchen for cooking and entertainment purposes. However, at Incredible Kitchens and Baths, we look at galley kitchens as an opportunity to be creative! Read on for our favorite ways to maximize your galley kitchen space.

How to Maximize Your Galley Kitchen

Lighten Up

The biggest hurdle with a galley kitchen is that the space can feel small and dark. To combat this, you want to add in as much light as possible. Start with larger, light colored cabinets that will make the space feel bigger and more open. Choose a light colored floor, and stainless steel or white appliances over black. Additionally, if you have a window in your galley kitchen, make sure it is letting in as much light as possible. Use minimal window treatments or none at all for a bright, clean look.

Use Every Available Space

The next obstacle in a galley kitchen is the amount of storage space available. Any chef will tell you that usable countertop space is the key to a successful meal – and that can be tricky with a galley kitchen. Therefore, we recommend keeping your countertops as clear as possible by getting creative with your storage. Add floating shelves wherever possible, store things on the tops of your cabinets, and use your window sill as a shelf. You can even install a pot rack to store your bulky pots and pans without taking up needed cabinet space. They are easy to install and add a sophisticated look to your space.

Open It Up

Finally, look for ways to open up your galley kitchen. We don’t mean a full remodel, because then it wouldn’t be a galley kitchen anymore! But even small openings can help make the space feel larger. Adding a window into the living room can be a nice, partial opening that is still functional. If this type of opening isn’t possible, look for ways to open up the spaces leading into your kitchen. Could your dining room be expanded at all? Every little bit counts in a galley kitchen.

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