Remodeling a kitchen is a big undertaking for most homeowners. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to get the job done right. And while your contractors will take care of the heavy lifting, there are a few things that need to be done before the construction team can begin. Today on the blog, your friends at Incredible Kitchens and Baths are sharing our favorite tips on how to organize your kitchen before and after the big remodel.

Organizing Your Kitchen for a Remodel

Clear Out

If you are planning a full kitchen remodel, everything that is currently in your kitchen will need to be taken out and organized into two groups, items to store and items you’ll need to continue to use. Place items like utensils, plates, mugs, and glasses into a box labeled “everyday items” and have them easy to access for daily use. Next, you’ll need to fully clear out your cabinets and organize those items as well. Take this opportunity to throw away or donate any items you no longer use so you can take advantage of the extra space once your remodel is complete. Remember to store your nonessential items out of the way in a closet or basement so your contractors have room to work.


After your remodeling project is complete, make sure you keep your items organized as you restock them. A good suggestion we like is to try and mimic the aisles in the grocery store—categorize breakfast food, canned food, and baking materials on the shelf. Another suggestion is that you put the items you use the most often in the cabinets that are easiest for you to reach.

Stay Clear of Clutter

Finally, once your kitchen is put back together, you’ll want to add personal touches and decorations. However, to keep your kitchen looking neat and clean, you’ll want to stay away from decorations that will clutter up your countertops. Instead of placing picture frames on the counters, consider hanging them on the walls or getting magnetic frames for your fridge. We also recommend purchasing a sturdy organizer for the mail, coupons, and recipes to keep these items off your counters.

Now that you’ve got some great organizational ideas to keep your remodel as stress-free as possible, it’s time to start designing the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Incredible Kitchens and Baths in Kokomo, IN, today at (765) 437-1038 for more information or to request a consultation online.