If you have decided it’s finally time to update your kitchen, a remodel is the perfect way to achieve a modern and sleek new look. To help you begin planning for your kitchen remodel, our team at Incredible Kitchens and Baths has put together a list of ways to organize your kitchen before the remodel.

Organizing for a Kitchen Remodel

Separate Everyday Items from Nonessentials

The most important step for removing items in your kitchen is to organize which items you use every day. Place items like utensils, plates, mugs, and glasses into a box labeled “everyday items”. Labeling will help you easily find what you need and also determine which items are necessary to keep nearby. You can take the boxes of nonessential items (punch bowls, waffle makers, etc.), and store them in a basement or closet so that the kitchen remodelers have room to walk in and out of your kitchen.

Purge Unnecessary Items

The next step is to take all of your belongings out of the cabinets and categorize those items as well. This is an opportune time for you to discard any broken items or donate anything you no longer use. This will allow you to have even more space once your kitchen remodel is complete.

Organize As You Unpack

After your kitchen remodeling project is finished, try to keep similar items together when you’re placing everything back in your new cabinets. A suggestion is to mimic the aisles in the grocery store—categorize breakfast food, canned food, and baking materials on the shelf. Another suggestion is that you put the items you use the most often in the cabinets that are easiest for you to reach.

Let Us Help

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