Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place of comfort, quiet, and relaxation. If you’re looking around and finding that your bathroom isn’t a pleasant place to spend your time, it may be time to consider a remodel. Spring is a great time to start a remodel, and our team at Incredible Kitchens and Baths has put together a list of sure signs that it’s time for a bathroom upgrade.

Bathroom Upgrades

Leaky Faucets or Toilets

Any leaking water in your bathroom is a big deal, and could lead to mildew or mold. If you have had even a small amount of leaking for some time, whether it’s your shower head, faucet, or toilet, be sure to check the area for potential mold problems. Replacing water fixtures conserves water, eliminates any potential mold problems, and updates your bathroom’s style.

Outdated Finishes

It’s definitely time for a refresh if your bathroom has old wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, or outdated colors on the walls. Additionally, check to see if your tiles are old, chipped, or grimy. If so, it’s time for an overhaul. When it comes to colors, opt for a palette of whites, grays, and blacks for a clean look that adds a timeless, modern beauty to your space.

Layout Isn’t Functional

When getting ready for work in the morning or preparing for bed at night, are you stumbling over your significant other? Is your toilet right next to the shower so privacy is an issue? If so, redesigning the layout of your bathroom could improve flow and aesthetics. Consider moving the toilet to a separate water closet to add privacy and keep your bathroom looking beautiful.

Not Enough Storage

Even if you love everything about your bathroom, from the fixtures to the color scheme, if your vanity counter is cluttered and there’s no good place to store towels, you’ll never truly feel comfortable in your bathroom. A bathroom renovation creates the opportunity to add a linen closet, shelves above the toilet, or a larger vanity with more storage underneath.

Now that you’ve really taken stock of your bathroom, let us help you tackle this project! Make an appointment to speak with our design team so you can start to envision your dream bathroom. To find out more or to schedule an in-home consultation, contact Incredible Kitchen and Baths today at (765) 437-1038.