In the age of YouTube tutorials and do-it-yourself blogs, it’s common for homeowners to take on their own remodeling projects, and rightly so. Many people find enjoyment in a home project and, in the end, the money saved is definitely worth the hard work. However, there are certain times when even the handiest of homeowners should consider calling in a professional to make sure the job is done right. Other than perhaps a kitchen, no project is more involved than a bathroom remodel, in terms of the systems and skills needed to pull it off. That’s why our team at Incredible Kitchens and Baths of Kokomo, IN, has put together a list of projects that are better left to the pros.

Professional Bathroom Remodel


The mechanical systems in a bathroom are subject to all kinds of rules and regulations, and our contractors deal with these issues every day and will know the particulars of local code requirements. Unless you are an experienced home plumber and electrician, it is a good idea to leave the major wiring and plumbing work to the professionals.


You may think that concrete is only for outside jobs. However, with the current trend of concrete countertops and concrete shower pans, we’re seeing more and more concrete work in bathrooms. When it comes to concrete, you need time, patience, and careful calculations and measurements, because failures can be costly to repair or to demolish and haul away. Therefore, hiring a contractor to install concrete tends to be more cost-effective than risking botched DIY concrete projects.


Tile is one of those projects that you think you can easily do yourself, and you’d be half right. Yes, you can spend hours on your knees, painstakingly trying to make sure that the lines are perfect, and that the tile comes to a perfect fit around your toilet. However, the bottom line is that it’s a tough job that professional tile installers have honed and perfected. A professional will be able to purchase the correct amount of materials, use the specialized tools needed to cut and install the tile, properly prepare the surface, install the tile correctly to avoid water damage, and design the perfect pattern.

When planning your next bathroom remodel, know when to hire professional help to avoid costly mistakes. Our team at Incredible Kitchens and Baths would love to work with you through an entire bathroom overhaul, or we’ll just send in a pinch hitter for any projects you’re not comfortable completing on your own. Contact us today at (765) 437-1038 for more information.